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5 -Star Patient Experience

5-Star Patient Experience


This 5-Star Patient Experience seminar is a unique educational experience led by curated experts in the customer experience and hospitality industry. Never done before, this conference brings together international experts from the world’s top brands to demonstrate best practices in client/patient interactions, phone etiquette, office flow/structure, conflict resolution, and patient retention strategies.


This seminar is curated for anyone who works in an aesthetic practice. The goal of this seminar is to understand key elements of the patient experience, and employ best practices to elevate the patient experience.


The aesthetic practice is a service-based industry. However, the methodology of providing exceptional service is rarely taught to aesthetic providers.

We have curated international experts from the highest luxury service brands (ie. Four seasons, Ritz Carlton, Disney) to teach industry best practices to provide patients with a consistently high level of service.

The ultimate goal is to equip our staff to understand how to provide high-level service with practical guidelines and takeaway points to deliver an exceptional patient experience.

What to expect

  • Every attendee will receive a 5-star patient experience booklet. This booklet is filled with best practices and practical guidelines to provide exceptional quality care.
  • Every attendee who successfully completes the seminar will receive a Core Aesthetics 5-Star Certification.
  • Every practice will receive a 5-Star Patient Experience digital seal for their website to showcase their practice’s commitment to patient care. In addition, your practice will be listed in our verified providers directory.



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